Raaga - Enough of mysticism! Now is the time to move Hindustani music from the state of Alchemy to the state of Chemistry.

This project is about scientific classification of North Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music Raaga's (raga's).  From this point onwards word "raaga" means "North Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music Raaga".

Other goal for this project is to provide a basis for mathematical nomenclature for raaga's. Output system of the results below follow one such mathematical notation.

Yet another intended goal for this project is to come up with some periodic characteristics spread in raaga's. Such characteristics can be exploited to discover new raaga's.

The project assumes you have primary knowledge of Indian Classical Music terminology.
You are at a wrong place if you are trying to find glossary of Indian Classical Music terminology.

Please make sure you read the legend for the project before moving forward.

The project is envisioned to be divided in three parts:

  1. Code for (modified) Bhatkhande rules and first estimate of most likely raaga's
  2. aaroha \ avaroha auDava ShaaDava sampoorNa
    auDava here here here
    ShaaDava Rejected by modified rule here here
    sampoorNa Rejected by modified rule Rejected by modified rule here
  3. Creation of database of known raaga's
  4. Code for characteristic extraction and results in terms of "most likely raaga and its most likely characteristic"
The first part is done.

We need your help in the second and third part since our current skill base does not include in-depth raaga or Artificial Intelligence knowledge.