1. Here are swara's: [ Notation taken from Pankaj Joshi's works ]
S r R g G m M P d D n N

2. Word "frame" is used to describe non-chronological set of swara's
[ Word aroha and avaroha may mean chronological renderence of swara's in some books]

3 In a raga, "varjya" decision is based on a swara and not on saptaka (mandra, madhya, tara) it belongs to, we do not need S' kind of symbols to denote saptaka - nor we care about it in our calculations
at this stage

4. The output is organized as:
<jaatee> <aaroha-frame> <avaroha-frame> <(possible vaadee/samvaadee or samvaadee/vaadee pair)> (one or more)